Remote based agency from Romania

Specializes in providing unique solutions, personalized to the customer requirements

Why choose us.

We are a small company based in Romania, a group of remote employees and freelancers.

We work cheap for the experience we're providing.

The company technology leader is a web software engineer with 7+ years of experience.

We adopted agile as an organization and before that each of us worked incrementally (with progress reports, feedback, demos, etc).

The software we provide is automatically tested, we use Behat and unit/integration tests (client has to agree). This increases the project cost, but it also provides 95% bug free software.

We follow the most popular software design patterns, we try as much as possible to reuse existing solutions. We do not reivent the wheel, most of our projects are based on Symfony, Sylius, Drupal, Prestashop. That doesn't mean we don't approach pure PHP. We have custom projects written solely in PHP.

Our Mission.

We provide full transparency to the entire process.

Everything is planned, discussed, a brief is composed that will serve as a base for future implementations. Nothing is left to luck's hands, we do our research as best as possible to avoid that.

After the brief we estimate, providing you a global understanding of the costs involved.

Once the contract is agreed by all parties, the implementation starts. You'll be alerted about the progress through Jira software and demos will be provided based on contract.

We avoid overengineering, usually by talking to each other when things get complicated. We also provide feedback if something takes longer or deviates from the contract due to technical issues.

We're here to implement your VISION. You'll have to continuosly participate in decisions, only with you along the project can grow.

What we Do.

We think, plan and engineer complex web software suited to a business desires.

The software we make is based on Symfony, Sylius, Drupal, Prestashop and pure PHP. We avoid Wordpress even being so popular, due to its outdated core and tons of security issues. For databases we use MySQL, MariaDb. MongoDb only if speed is critical. Also tons of other client side technologies. We are proficient with Webpack, Node, Vue and React.

We keep everything as modularized as possible. We also use in-house packages in the projects we work on.

Once some feature is developed we test it using positive and negative scenarios. This guarantees that the final product will do its job. But it also means that it's less prone to future bugs and easy to maintain in the future.

Don't worry we don't work on live, unless something exceptional happens. We have local and development environments. We do not deploy a new feature without passing tests and review.