I (owner of Infifni) started my journey in the world of web as a marketing "hacker", trying to provide leads to businesses using bots, acquiring targeted people based on different criteria and expanding the online awareness through conventional and non conventional ways. But that was not for me. So after six months I started to move to web for another year, learning a lot about web and working at little projects, basically freelancing to people that had business online.

Web was my real true love and still is, an ongoing relationship that has developed over the years and grown into a lifelong pursuit of becoming better each day.

After being a freelancer I was an employee up till last year. At http://www.crystalcode.eu/ I've worked for many years; those guys were my mentors and my colleagues and that's basically where I've grown a lot, there's no denying in that. I've spent five years of my life there and I am not a person to give my freedom easily, but freelancing at the beginning was not at all ideal (money was tight back then as I was in a shitty life situation).

As my aspirations did not converge anymore with the CrystalCode VISION I started something on my own in 2019.

I have one employee and several freelancers which can collaborate to the projects and so many others can be trained if your project needs it. No matter how big the project is you have in mind, we can scale given the proper cashflow of course.

So do not hesitate to contact us if you have something in mind.