Transilvania travel backend and storefront for reservations

Transilvania Travel magazin pentru rezervări

Project Info:

This contract was revoked by the financial supervisor of this company S.C. Transilvania Hotels&Travel S.A. So if you are not able to access the project link anymore just know that it was a real project, however we have suspended the website based on not fulfilling their contractual obligations towards us.

However the work we and our partners in this project was a titanic workout on a strict budget even from the beginning.

The Infifni contribution to the project was the backend and the storefront for reservations, also an unfinished administrator mode based on Sonata Admin (obviously I won't post the link to the admin). The guys from xtremefreelance made the Wordpress website that is the hearth of the travel website.


They needed a connection between a software called AIDA (made by the guys from and a web based software with presentation area, a backend and a storefront for reservations.


After we studied the web services based on WSDL, we started developing a solution based on Wordpress and Woocommerce that eventually was to slow for the needs of thousands of reservation combinations (eventually more than 137 thousands on a live system in april 2020).

So we switched to Symfony and that was a great move as it allowed us to be flexible, while also making great software. The storefront was also custom made and was connected with the database that was synched from the AIDA services.

One great challenge of this software was the fact that reservation combinations was so endless, thus the data stored on our side was only combinations with 1 or 2 people and a variable amount of reservation nights (which eventually was set from 1 to 30 in live mode). But we also allowed while doing the reservation configuration to connect live with the AIDA software and be able to change the number of rooms, the persons in each room, thus providing a better custom experience for the end user.

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