Web app connected to external WCF service

ecran principal al aplicației Ecobihor

Project Info:


The client had a C# application which was used for weighing garbage trucks entering or exiting the company enclosure.

But inside they had to know who entered, if the garbage was disposed properly and when the truck leaved the place. Also if along the way some accident or damage had occurred. 

As this was done manually using cards and without an actual confirmation of what happened along the way, it was frustrating so an online web app was the solution.


The web app had to communicate somehow with the C# application. A WCF service was used and communication was done through SOAP.

The web app fulfilled the following functions:

  • marking completion for garbage unload
  • marking a truck defect
  • changing department used to unload
  • changing load type (e.g. bricks to paper)
  • having a two tabs separation for finished and active transactions (a transaction is the truck filled with garbage)
  • javascript software able to capture video stream in order to take pictures for defective trucks or the garbage unloaded

The app was published for two locations Covasna and Bihor.

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